Doing Kim's workshop was the best gift I have ever offered to myself! I feel the changes in me and the way I see the world. I have the feeling I have new tools again to finally grab my life, the love you feel around you is just marvelous. I wished everybody would be as lucky as me to have such an experience! Thank you Kim and the 4 stars I had with me.



These two days gave me more than all inspirational books that I had read, all the seminars I had ever attended, all exercises I had ever done on my own... These two days gave me or awakened my inner power, energy, trust in myself and… love for myself, which help me to deal with my daily challenges much easier. As of now, each and every moment I choose to think positive and to live a happy, fulfilling and joyous life. Thank you, Kim, for this heart and mind opening experience, thank you for being so genuine…



This workshop has been one of the most helpful tools I have ever encountered in learning to truly love and forgive myself and others. And this is from someone who has been working with these issues for over 20 years, doing many other therapies and courses. The exercises are simple and to the point, enabling you to take that step into positive change that you would not take alone that easily. Working with others added another dimension to the material. In seeing and feeling our mutual struggles and our hidden potential for (self)love, it becomes so clear that the compassionate choice, the choice that will really and deeply affect ourselves and the world around us is the choice to become a positive, forgiving and self-appreciating being. This is empowering stuff! It has enabled me to make choices that I used to fear and follow my heart's calling. Kim's lovely personality and unassuming attitude created a relaxed atmosphere which helped us all to let go of restraints and to trust in this process of self-exploration with others.



I had the opportunity to "steal" my wife's place in Kim's workshop. I was going through one of the roughest periods of my life and something needed to be done. Let's be honest; if I hadn't heard from this workshop from a friend before, I probably would not have gone, and that would have been a big mistake. As a typical male I went to the workshop with a clear list of "goals & objectives" to be ticked of at the end of the workshop. A little less typical, I went in with an open mind and (even more important) an open heart and really promised myself to give it my best. Needless to say, the "goals & objectives" went overboard after 30 minutes and I did some real work on myself. The goals and objectives were met of course, but I have learned that I was way too limited in my ambition of what I could achieve in 2 days. Ever since the workshop I have been on a road of discovery, communicate a lot better and a lot more.



It is the second time that I've attended Kim's workshop. I would recommand for everyone to do it twice. The first time was an eye opener on new ways to face daily challenges. The second time was simply a revelation. For me, it was the completion of the first workshop, I can't express how powerful it all was. I've never felt so good in my life and I have to thank Kim for her brilliant coaching technics, she's an angel.



This workshop put a skip in my step. I left with a renewed sense of sheer optimism in how powerful positive thinking can be, how I can apply it to my busy daily life. Kim imparts Louise Hay philosophy with sincerity, humour and respect, creating an atmosphere of mutual care and well-being. Fabulous weekend. I just wish that I had done it sooner.



Kim's workshop opens up a lot of opportunity into your life if you let it. Upon arriving to the workshop, I did not know anyone or even that much about the workshop itself. Within the first hour I felt a strong bond with everyone in the room. We opened up, shared our stories and experiences and accepted each other for who they were. Opening up to a total stranger is therapy itself, let alone a whole room full. Each of us came from different backgrounds but it didn't take long before the answer was before me. Each and everyone of us is human and our basic wants and needs are the same. Practicing self-love and positive thinking is infectious and life-changing. I love the teaching from the workshop that if you believe in something; it will happen. That's how I am approaching my 2016!"



For anyone who, like me, felt they could be just a tiny bit more positive, more in control, more aware, and live more in the present moment, I HIGHLY recommend Kim' s Workshop. The two-day workshop went so far beyond my expectations, untangling conscious and subconscious issues that were holding me back and preventing me from being who I really am. Since the workshop, I have a completely new perspective and have the tools to live my life to the fullest. My only regret is that I didn't do the Workshop sooner! Thank you Louise Hay, and thank you Kim - you have been an amazing teacher.



It made me stronger!!! No one messes with me anymore... ...i don't let them! Starting from today. I am at a happy place...and above all...I love myself :-) Looking forward for all the beautiful things in life.



I came into the workshop not knowing what to expect but it exceeded far beyond anything I imagined. The amount of information I learned made it all priceless. It was two days of magical work on myself, which was truly an investment I would make over and over again. We each go throughout our lives and sometimes wonder why some of the things we don't want in our lives, come in anyways. This workshop taught me the power of how our thoughts impact different circumstances and then provided the skills to change those thoughts that do not serve us. I really cannot explain enough in words how powerful these two days were. Thank you Kim!!!



Kim is an inspirational coach, always drawing on real life examples. This kind of course can be done multiple times and each time you learn something new about yourself or your life's experiences. The layers of the onion indeed take a long time to get peeled away.



Kim is a very positive and inspiring person. She shares the Louise Hay’s philosophy in a very encouraging way giving the good tools to start changing your life on the same day. She has herself experienced a lot in life and all the challenging life moments strengthened her and made her the person she is today – brave, wonderful and radiating positive energy. If you want to take the first step in the right direction to make your life more fulfilling and achieve the so far impossible she is the person to turn to. I am very glad I attended her workshop. It gave me a lot of inspiration and courage to start the day on a new foot with a smile, more loving myself than ever before. An unforgettable experience I highly recommend.



Magical experience. I missed everybody after the workshop. Kim was so enlightening, inspiring and supportive, thank you for this experience. I feel reborn and more peaceful and I am starting to love myself. Thank you so much! I will definitely come back one day.



Thank you Kim for organizing the "Heal your life workshop" workshop, for helping us to open new doors in our lives and close the unwanted ones. This 2-day workshop took me on a roller-coaster of emotions, shed light on some past experiences and showed me that there are alternatives to the gloomy thoughts. I wasn't expecting miracles, I was expecting alternatives which this workshop did bring indeed. I am sure everyone learned so many things and how couldn't we not, since everything else was set to help us move on? I enjoyed the calming and harmonious interior, the attention to details, the warm welcome from you Kim, the lovely garden, the sound of your voice and the enthusiasm with which you were guiding us through the concepts, the people that slowly started to open up, including myself, the work that we did on ourselves. I enjoyed as well singing the affirmations, learning more about myself, digging and releasing emotions and memories. I also met 9 fantastic women. Some of them were complete strangers, some others I have met only once before and one of them I knew all my life. We had a two-day journey together that brought us so much closer to each other and closer to ourselves. We were brave, we were tough, we were emotional, we were a burst of energy, tears of sorrow and tears of joy! I am sure that we all learned so much from this adventure and I know that the journey will continue, especially if we choose it so.



What a better way to treat yourself than taking two days for you and get your love battery charged. I was amazed the amount of work we have done on ourselves in two days without being in the rush. In a caring atmosphere, you will not only heal yourself but come also with easy pratical exercices you can do everyday.



Go!! It's an amazing, revealing, emotional but utterly positive experience. The tools to move forward confidently and positively into the life you choose to lead will be handed to you with love and support, and even a sceptic like me was amazed at the strength and calm it gave me. AND we had time for a giggle along the way! It was just a first step for me... But a very important one.



After attending the workshop, I felt something had changed. By changing my behaviour and attitude, people around me were changing too. The way we are and the way we treat ourselves attracts just what we give off. Kim has a natural way to communicate and share the tools to help us change ourselves in order to be positive and truly happy on a daily basis. I recommend the workshop without hesitations, it was a great experience and I met amazing women.



If you want to shift old patterns and move forward with your life sign up for Kim Slattery's workshop. I met the most amazing people and we went on a journey together that was more powerful, inspiring, healing and nurturing than anything I have ever experienced before. If you want to learn more about who you really are and you want to create a life that flows more easily then sign up for this workshop. You will also feel better about yourself than you ever have before.



For me, it was all about excitement and this Louise Hay Workshop totally met with my expectations ...and so much more !! Excitement, because I was able to get myself a seat for this epic workshop ...And I was dreaming already long time for that ! Excitement during these 2 wonderful days, filled with new informations, super affirmations, unveiled emotions, the warmest company, lots of big hugs, great coffee & so much love ! :) Excitement after the weekend because I now discovered the magic & secret of life ! And putting this all into practice, I must say : Life is so beautiful & I feel so lucky ! It feels like rebirthing, a new start of something very big and beautiful, something that I created ! Thank you so much for this great, deep & intense rich workshop !!!


Thanks to this workshop; I really understood deeply the power of positive affirmations. Something happened and changed in me making me more conscious about my thoughts and their constant impact on my life. I now use positive affirmations every day, it's now programmed in me thanks for the workshop and the fact that we really put it into practise during the 2 days. Attending the workshop is more powerful than just reading a book on positive affirmations.



...I expected a miracle rather than being able to consciously and willingly make drastic changes in my life! In other words, I did not expect that the workshop would give me enough inner power, strength, energy, trust in myself, which would help me to change my life.



Thank you Kim for an inspiring weekend. It was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I am so grateful for the insights and tools to help myself heal all aspects of my life and can now look forward with excitement and joy rather than getting stuck and stressed in the moment. Thank you. Many, many thanks and blessings.



Kim's workshop on Heal your life was a moment of real pleasure. This workshop taught me more about myself than I had learnt in 48 years :-). It was also the opportunity to meet (apart from Kim and her husband) some very lovely and interesting people. I would recommend this workshop to everybody as a regular step we should take to self-assess our life and re-start or continue it. It does good to both the body and the soul. I am really thankful for what I have learnt and what I have felt. THanks a million and for sure, see you soon!



I loved the workshop with Kim, you can feel that what she does really comes from her heart. She makes you feel at ease. It was very professional, very to the point. Kim is a very special lady !



I never thought I'd enroll myself in a healing workshop but I'm so glad that I did. I got to spend two full days this past weekend getting to know 6 complete strangers and turning them into lifelong friends. All ages, colors, shapes, and backgrounds. We laughed together, cried together, hugged each other and motivated each other. At first everyone seemed to be just a face; and then a name to go with that. The more each person opened up the more real and beautiful they became. You don't have to enroll in a workshop (but I totally recommend trying it out!) to learn these lessons. Smile more. Be positive. Be brave. Be nice to others but first start all of that by being nice to yourself. ?? P.S- I'm staying on this high forever.



The workshop was great! I was all about love and opening-up! And that is what happend. Everbody in the group was able to do so, so it has been a wonderful weekend, which will give us more strength and love wisdom on our future path! Thanks a lot to Kim and the group! Merci!



...I knew there was not a lot wrong in my life and that i beat myself up about so many things. the workshop gave me an amazing sense of calm and acceptance. thanks !



This two day workshop has brought me to another level regarding self love and acceptance. I left with an open heart filled with love. Not only because of the powerful exercises that are very easy to use in daily life. But also because of the honesty and warmth I received from Kim and the other participants.  Kim, you are the most radiant and lovely person to host this workshop. You are a very good guide since you stayed professional as well as very open and interested. You had ears for everybody and were openminded to hear all of our stories.



A friend of mine recommended Kim's workshop after having followed it. I had known her for many years and I never suspected she was 'the type' of person who would feel the urge to attend such a workshop. She told me it was a life-changing event for her. She is somebody I look up to, and I thought if it good for her, it must be good for me;It is amazing how much you can achieve in as little as a weekend, and how you can realize that some emotions were hiding away in you, while having established deep roots that affect your every thought and behavior. This workshop gives you the strength to see them, and replace them with the positive that can change your life. 

I am so glad I have taken the time and (relatively small amount of) money to do this. This will pay back with such a high multiplier. A week into this, I am really confident I can have a 'different me' and a different life: the one I want, where I am in charge. 



Thank you so much, Kim, for having given us the opportunity to get together and give a step forward in this looooong path towards ourselves. You were so generous, and cheerful and true. All the examples you gave us about your own life made the whole thing much more down to earth, we got the feeling that even with problems we can do the best of our lives.


...You are absolutely amazing and a true inspiration! I felt very safe, secure and loved by you and all the other fantastic participants in the workshop.



.. thank you for making me feel so welcome, and safe, and loved. You let me open my heart and made me feel I have a new friend.


I had a magical weekend, I looked inside for the first time and it was an amazing experience. It gave me the confidence to do it again and again on my on now. And I meet some incredible and inspirational people.



It was brilliant! You are very 'real' and not over-the-top positive in an irritating/unrealistic way. You are really inspiring in a realistic, down-to-earth, totally genuine authentic way.

The workshop gave me space and time to tackle head-on my lifelong self-beating-up habit. Kim and the participants were fantastic and the work we did has stayed with me, as have the support and power of the group - it's great to know others have similar 'issues' and that you're all in it together. The workshop has definitely lightened my life.


I wish more people could attend this workshop, it is a fresh and different perspective on life. After that, you realize how much negativism is around you, and just by being aware of it, you get a whole new perspective. If only everyone could realize about it...


...The value that the tools, tips and shared experiences that this workshop offers you is priceless. And in financial terms you get 16 hours for the price of a few one hour visits to a pyschologist. We become richer by what we learn from each others experiences and certainly the very honest and real-life examples that Kim shares with us illustrate that we can all work towards a better, more loving, enriched quality of life.


Thanks Kim for a lovely experience and for helping me get on track ...I would recommend without hesitation. You are a wonderful facilitator and a real inspiration.


...the workshop gave me an amazing sense of calm and acceptance. Thanks !


I was a little reticent at the beginning, but after those two days, I felt like I had learnt so much about myself that my life was changed for ever. Thank you Kim, and all the great people that did the Workshop with me.


It was lovely and warm workshop with wonderful people. The workshop was well structured and had lot’s of interesting topics and exercises. The exercises were powerful and well prepared and Kim, she really is special; such a wonderful warm person, so compassionate and supportive. I very much enjoyed the workshop and could honestly recommend it to anyone interested in personal growing process.



The workshop is definitely "Must-Go" for somebody who is fond by Louise Hay philosophy. I would also recommend it to people who just start their path on self-awareness and discovering the inner master in them. Besides, you will meet likeminded people and the experience will enrich you enormously. I would definitely repeat the workshop in a year time so that I can check where I am in my self-development.



I am so glad I met Kim and attended her workshop. Her spirit is contagious! I laughed and cried and let go of a lot of unwanted trash in my head and I now choose to believe that I have the power to heal myself. Through this workshop I also got to meet wonderful people. I am beginning to Love myself just the way I am.


Dear Kim, I feel very very lucky to have met you and shared two wonderful days with you. Your passion, honesty and williness to help others is something that will stay with me. You have truly inspired me and given me the hope that I needed to carry on. So for all that I want to say a big THANK YOU.


"I believe that workshops such as this one lead to self-discovery in a way that benefits all people at large ....I walked away feeling envigorated and very alive. "


Dear Kim
I have not felt that energetic for years! 
I am very, very grateful to you. 
It was truly an inspirational and powerful workshop and you are a great teacher.


Thank you for a beautiful workshop. I still think about it and have difficulties really putting words into how much I appreciated it.


Dear Kim, thank you so much for the splendid, heart warming weekend work shop! It was really a great pleasure and honour to share these special moments, feelings, emotions... Really a wonderful and enlightening experience.


Thank you so much for the lovely weekend !!! Sharing all those feelings, exchanging experiences and giving support to each other was so heart-warming and a real balm for my soul! I am very happy that I got to know you and have learnt a lot from you. The Louise Hay-workshop was an important cornerstone on my way to personal growth.


You have a true gift in helping people to understand themselves.
I am so glad I got the chance to do your workshop.
Thank you.


Your beauty, honesty, sharp intellect and open heart filled the room.


Wonderful from start to finish! 
Thank you so much.


Kim has great passion and style.
Her workshop was thought provoking, heartfelt and knowledgeable.